ENERGY – €/kWh – includes ATR – without IE without VAT
Price P1 P2 P3
2.0 TD 0,234744 0,143398  0,107627


POWER – €/kW and day – without IE without VAT
Price P1 P2 P3
2.0 TD 0,099035 0,008902

Aditional information:

  • Economic conditions for 12 months and contract without permanence (resolution without penalty with notice of 15 days). If you don´t notice there are a penalty of 5% of the estimated energy slope to consume
  •  These conditions are for factures sent by mail. In case you want to receive factures by postal mail, it will be added to the prices of each period the amount of 0,0033€/kWh.

The documents and information necessary for the preparation of the contracts are the following:

  • A copy of a recent facture and all of its pages.
  • A copy of the ID Card of the holder. If is a society , the copy of the CIF and the ID card of the legal representative.
  • Bank account for rotation of receipts.
  • Telephone and mail contact.

Send this information to the following account of mail indicating “ONLINE OFFER” and we will send you your contract.